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YXPJ Series Corn Embryo Selecting Machine


YXPJ Series Corn Embryo Selecting Machine


YXPJ series corn embryo suction selecting machine applies the theory of different physical properties of suspended velocity and specific gravity between corn embryo and corn particles, allowing the rapid and efficient classification and selection of embryo.


YXPJ series corn embryo suction selecting machine adopts the unique suction structure, allowing clear classification of embryo wwwom corn particles on basis of airflow through the corn material upward gap. Corn kernels move to discharge part under the effect of reciprocating inclined orientation of embryo removal sieve. Corn germ on the upper layer flows into exit part under gravity, which makes the separation of corn germ wwwom corn.

Featured characteristics of YXPJ series corn embryo suction selecting machine:
● Unique embryo selecting structure enables high efficiency embryo section within a certain capacity range through adjusting of embryo baffle height. 
● Unique screen surface structure allows less wind consumption. Embryo sieve inclination with adjustable range of 9-14 ° assures the best processing result according to different material property.
● Compact structure, easy operation, stable and reliable performance, stable mechanical performance, and small footprint.
● Total enclosed designed embryo selecting machine assures no dust, clean and environmental protective processing of corn germ. 
● Easy operation, wwwee adjustment of air volume, and negative pressure display device.
● Reciprocating mechanism, rubber bearing of hinge part, low vibration, and low noise.
● Widely applicable embryo selecting machine in corn fine and deep processing, alcohol enterprises, feed plants with high utilization value of corn.

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